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Who I Am


Meet your secret ingredient for digital success:

David Arroyo.

I began my journey in the food industry in 2010 as a 19-year-old oyster shucker. Since then, I've held roles that span the gamut of the culinary world, from delivering sushi to crafting empanadas and managing a bustling market in Quogue, NY.

But that's not all. I've also been at the forefront of the digital revolution sweeping through the restaurant industry. I've experienced firsthand the rise of third-party delivery services, the evolution of point-of-sale systems, and the growing need for a strong online presence. In short, I know the unique challenges you face because I've been there myself.

Then came a turning point: Quogue Market was sold, leading me to explore new horizons. Intrigued by the potential of emerging technologies, I found myself drawn to the world of digital solutions. This was a natural evolution that allowed me to merge my deep understanding of food service with the exciting possibilities offered by technology.

Now, I'm ready to bring that expertise to you.

Is your website outdated or non-existent? Are you struggling with online orders? Confused by the multitude of POS systems like Clover, Square, and Toast? Or maybe your take-out menus aren't living up to your restaurant's reputation?

Don't worry—I've got you covered. I've sat through the demos, negotiated the deals, and come out the other side with the knowledge to help you navigate these hurdles.

With me, you're not just getting a digital expert—you're gaining a partner who understands the restaurant industry from the ground up. Let's take your business to new heights. Are you ready to serve up success online?

a photo of David Arroyo in his neighborhood in Brookhaven, NY

My Mission

My mission is clear: I'm here to level the playing field for small restaurants across Long Island. I aim to integrate time-honored services like website design, online order setup, and Point of Sale (POS) optimization, all while providing guidance on leveraging social media to its fullest potential.

But my vision extends beyond the immediate. I'm committed to keeping a keen eye on the horizon of technological advancements, ensuring your restaurant is always ahead of the curve. Yet, it's not just about adopting the new; it's about harmoniously blending the traditional with the innovative.

I'm determined to bring my wealth of experience and forward-thinking approach to your service, helping your business not only adapt, but flourish in this dynamic digital age. After all, your restaurant is a gem – why shouldn't your online presence reflect that?

Core Values


Innovation is at the heart of what I do. I constantly seek out the latest technologies and strategies, always looking for better ways to serve your business. I'm all about creating smart, effective solutions that fit your unique needs.


Transparency is key in this partnership. I believe in honest communication, clear expectations, and no hidden fees. I'll keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring we're always on the same page.


I'm all about making the complex simple and the inaccessible accessible. I aim to make even the most advanced tech solutions user-friendly, ensuring they're an asset, not a hindrance, to your business.

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